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    Our Mission

    At DNA Athletics, we have love and respect for the game and the lessons it teaches us. That’s why we offer a tailored, performance-focused approach to athletic training and development for all ages. Our methods are aimed at developing overall well-being in our players, creating a welcoming and supportive team of happy and healthy athletes. We are committed to utilizing sports and the opportunity they afford us to teach and reinforce strong character, discipline and sportsmanship.

    Our Vision

    We believe in a world where everyone has an opportunity to play sports and develop their skills and learn discipline and develop character that sports allow. We help optimize our members’ abilities and help empower them to become better players. We aim to inspire learning and evolution in our players, bringing new expertise and opportunities for the community.

    Work Hard. Grow Skills. Have Fun.

    DNA Athletics Methodology

    At DNA Athletics, our professional trainers are constantly evolving along with the industry to maximize your potential as a sportsman. We offer group, semi-private and private instruction to all ages for tennis, pickleball, and fitness, including summer camp for the kids!

    Your overall well-being and skill development is our top priority. We welcome all skill levels and ages and offer specialized programs for people in all walks of life.

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    Canterbury School
    8141 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33919

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