• Spots available : 12 players
  • Days : Tuesdays - Thursdays
  • Time : 5:00– 6:30 pm
  • Hours per month : 12 hours
  • 5 % Discount on private lessons, coach assistance during tournaments
  • 5 % Discount on UTR match play Saturdays/Sunday
  • Player quarterly report
400 per month

DNA Enrichment

  • This program is designed to cater specifically to individuals who are new to the sport of tennis and possess a keen interest in acquiring foundational knowledge and skills. As a collective group, we will embark on an immersive learning experience that encompasses the essential elements of tennis, including its rules, techniques, footwork, and the indispensable attribute of dedication.
  • This program places great emphasis on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, harnessing the intrinsic benefits of tennis as a form of exercise. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in enjoyable activities, fostering a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment as they witness their athleticism progress.
  • Throughout the program, our esteemed instructors will lead group sessions, adeptly guiding participants through a systematic and progressive curriculum. These sessions are carefully structured to enable participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of tennis. With a keen focus on individualized attention, our instructors will provide personalized feedback and instruction, catering to the specific needs and abilities of each participant.
  • Furthermore, this program emphasizes the cultivation of dedication, an essential quality for success in the realm of tennis. Participants will be encouraged to embrace a committed mindset, fostering discipline and a strong work ethic to continually refine their skills.
  • By enrolling in this program, individuals will have the invaluable opportunity to lay a solid foundation in tennis, equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills to embark on a rewarding and progressive tennis journey. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that each participant receives exceptional guidance and support, facilitating their growth and development in the sport.
Requirements Admission Process: Parents may need to go through an admission process that involves applying, providing necessary documentation, and meeting any prerequisites set by the academy. Financial Obligations: Payments must be made in the first week of the month the player will be attending. Commitment to the program: Parents must demonstrate a commitment to their child’s tennis development by adhering to the academy’s rules, regulations, and training schedules. This includes ensuring regular attendance, punctuality, and active participation in the program. Travel and Accommodation: If the tennis academy requires travel for tournaments or training camps, parents may need to arrange and cover the expenses related to transportation, accommodation, and meals for themselves and their child. Code of Conduct: Parents must adhere to the academy’s code of conduct, which may include respecting coaches, staff, and other players, maintaining appropriate behavior during training sessions and events, and promoting a positive and respectful environment.


Rain Policy

In the event of rain during the week that disrupts scheduled training sessions, the following policy will be implemented: Rescheduling Policy: To make up for the missed training hours due to rain, the academy will implement the following rescheduling policy:
  1. The missed training hours will be rescheduled for the upcoming Saturday(s) within the same week or during the next available weekend.
  2. The specific schedule for the makeup sessions will be communicated to the players and their parents in a timely manner. It is important for players to check their email or other communication channels regularly for updates.
  3. The makeup sessions will generally follow the same duration and time slots as the original sessions, whenever possible. However, slight adjustments may be made to accommodate the overall schedule and ensure equal opportunities for all players.
  4. If a player is unable to attend the rescheduled session on Saturday, they must inform the academy’s administration as soon as possible. Alternative arrangements, such as individual makeup sessions, may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Non-Refund Policy

Registration and Payment: By enrolling in the tennis academy’s programs or services, participants and their parents/guardians acknowledge and accept the non-refundable nature of the fees and charges associated with the academy. Commitment: Payment for the academy’s programs and services demonstrates the commitment of the participant to engage in the designated training activities for the agreed-upon duration. Once payment is made, it is non-refundable regardless of attendance or subsequent changes in circumstances. No Refunds: The tennis academy does not provide refunds for any reason, including but not limited to the following:
  1. Participant’s non-attendance or withdrawal from the program.
  2. Participant’s inability to continue the program due to injury, illness, or personal circumstances.
  3. Participant’s dissatisfaction with the program, coaching, or any other aspect of the academy’s services.
  4. Participant’s schedule conflicts or changes that prevent full utilization of the paid services.
Make-Up Sessions: In the event of missed sessions or classes, the academy will make reasonable efforts to offer make-up sessions or alternative arrangements. However, these make-up sessions are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Communication and Cancellation: Any requests for program cancellation or changes must be communicated to the academy’s administration in writing, well in advance of the program start date. However, such requests do not entitle participants to a refund or credit. Exceptions: The non-refund policy may have limited exceptions, such as in cases where the academy cancels a program or service before its commencement. In such instances, the academy will provide options for rescheduling, credit, or refund at its discretion. Acknowledgment: By completing the registration process and submitting payment, participants and their parents/guardians acknowledge and agree to abide by the non-refund policy of the tennis academy.

Parental Involvement Policy

At our tennis academy, we value the role parents play in supporting their child’s tennis journey. However, to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all participants, we have established guidelines regarding parental involvement. We kindly request parents to adhere to the following: Court Access: Parents are not allowed on the tennis court during training sessions or matches, unless specifically invited by the coach or academy staff. This policy is in place to minimize distractions and maintain focus for the players. Respect for Coaches: We expect parents to always treat our coaches with respect and professionalism. This includes refraining from making negative comments or engaging in disrespectful behavior towards coaches, whether on or off the court. Disagreements or concerns should be addressed privately and respectfully with the appropriate academy staff. Communication Channels: Parents are encouraged to use designated communication channels, such as scheduled meetings, email, or phone calls, to discuss their child’s progress, concerns, or any other matters related to their tennis development. Unsolicited coaching advice or interference during training sessions is discouraged. Role Modeling: Parents play a crucial role in setting a positive example for their children. We expect parents to demonstrate good sportsmanship, fair play, and positive attitudes during matches and events. Encourage your child to display respect towards opponents, coaches, officials, and fellow players. Trust in the Coaching Process: Trusting the expertise and decisions of our coaches is essential for the success and growth of your child. Avoid questioning coaching strategies or tactics during matches or training sessions. If you have concerns or questions, we encourage you to address them privately and respectfully with the coaching staff. Parental Support: While parents are not allowed in court during training sessions, your support outside the court is invaluable. Encourage your child, provide a positive and nurturing environment at home, and assist with logistical matters such as transportation and equipment. By adhering to these guidelines, parents contribute to fostering a supportive and respectful tennis community that allows our players to thrive. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a positive and constructive atmosphere for everyone involved. Please read and acknowledge this parental involvement policy. If you have any questions or require further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to the academy staff.